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Services - Nervous System Regulation

One on One Sessions via Telehealth 
Online Socializing

I enjoy working one on one with clients to reach their personal goals and desired outcomes. I provide one on one Clinical Psychology sessions via Telehealth Australia wide. These sessions are conducted via our secure online system. 

These sessions are generally 50 minutes.

Unfortunately Direen Health is not a bulk billing practice. Psychological consultation fees are guided by the Australian Psychological Society (APS). The APS standard consultation fee at present is $300 - I offer consultations for less than the recommended rate, please contact to request specific consultation fees.


I am a Medicare provider, which enables you to claim a rebate back on your session, should you have a mental health care plan from your GP.  If you are not eligible for Medicare rebate, you may still be able to claim through your Private Health Fund.


Cancellation Policy

Full fee for less than 24 hours notice if the appointment cannot be filled by someone on the waiting list. 

Online Programs and Resources 

Regulate to Reconnect is a one stop shop for tips, tricks and hacks for reconnection. Reconnection to your body, your emotions, your needs, your values, and your relationships. Over the past 20 years, I have worked as a clinical psychologist (and a forensic psychologist in another life!) and the last 4 years have focused primarily on working with people with debilitating chronic illnesses. Nervous System (NS) regulation is fundamental to building capacity for recovery for these individuals. Now after many years of wanting this, I am finally in a position to offer these teachings and skills to everyone. This forum will allow me to also include the movement and somatic practices that I have learned throughout my years as a Pilates instructor (I have had to push these aside a little due to my clinical work). Let's not wait until illness forces us to stop, slow down and regulate. Let's build understanding, capacity, and resilience now. Your health and relationships will thank you. There is no one right way to support our NS. We are going to play around with lots of different ideas! Have a try and fine tune what feels right for you.

Image by Hannah Busing
IT Consulting
Consultancy and Organisational Education 

I am experienced in offering consulting and education around nervous system regulation to organisations, business' and schools. I am able to design specific resources, training and education to meet the needs of the organisation. Please get in touch to discuss.


I love to support other clinicians in their practice by offering supervision to better work with their clients with nervous system regulation. I am able to provide supervision Australia wide via video link. Please get in touch to discuss. 


So much of what drives our behaviour and how we engage with the world is run by our nervous system (NS). Our NS is the fundamental system in our body that keeps things ticking over. It influences all other systems in the body, and it is constantly responding to all aspects of our internal and external environment. When we look at our behaviours and reactions through the lens of the NS, we open up a wonderful new understanding of our automated responses which dictate our moods, energy levels, physiological experiences, ailments, relationships, health, vitality and more!


Identify as a 'people pleaser'? Struggle to set boundaries with friends, family or colleagues? Feel guilty if you don't say 'yes' to requests for help? Lost any sense of what your emotional needs are, let alone how to voice these? Hard on yourself? Help others to the detriment of your own health? Yes, me! Both of my hands are up!! Would you believe that your NS is the key here? Let's not wait until illness forces us to stop, slow down and regulate. Let's build understanding, capacity, and resilience now. Your health and relationships will thank you.

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