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About Me 

Hi, I'm Jane and I love learning and talking about the nervous system and its impact on every aspect of our lives. Understanding our behaviour through the lens of the nervous system brings a new level of self-compassion that frees us to let go of unhelpful, automated patterns. Doing this creates so much space for renewed energy and vitality with our own health and the health of our relationships. In my work as a psychologist over the past 20 years, I have been drawn to assist those people (most often women) who prioritise others over themselves, people please to their own detriment, are hard on themselves, are a "helper" and/or "achiever", and who have never felt emotional safety when creating boundaries - and are paying dearly for it with their mental and physical health. I also discovered throughout my time working as a Pilates instructor for a rehabilitation-focused studio, just how important movement practices (with a focus on breath and flow) are for processing emotions, re-connecting with the body, minimising excess energy expenditure through improper engagement patterns, and moving nervous system energy through the body - all of which contribute to nervous system regulation (greater nervous system capacity and resilience). Regulating the nervous system takes time and consistency and cannot be rushed. However, building understanding and awareness goes a long way to establishing greater capacity. This is life changing! My wish is for you to take some of these ideas and put them into practice - with the ultimate goal of becoming your own master of communication with your body and gatekeeper of your energy.

I trained at the University of Tasmania in Clinical Psychology, completing my Doctorate in 2005.

In 2001, I commenced work as a registered psychologist for Forensic Mental Health Services, working both within the prison system and community setting. Here I gained both my Clinical and Forensic College memberships.

During 2007, in addition to my work in the public sector, I commenced private practice work in the areas of Forensic and Clinical psychology. In 2010, I left the public sector to focus solely on my private practice work. I co-founded “ForensiClinic”, a Clinical and Forensic Psychology practice providing assessment and treatment services for individuals within the forensic mental health system. In addition to this I provided risk assessments and other forensic reports for court and other community forensic services.


In 2012, I reluctantly left the profession of psychology due to ill health. After a period of two years I commenced my training as a Pilates Instructor, completing a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction with the Pilates International Training Centre (PITC) in Sydney. During this time I completed my practical training at a boutique Pilates Studio in Hobart. I continued to work as a Pilates Instructor until June of 2019. This studio was rehabilitative in style and I would see many clients with chronic pain, anxiety, stress and fatigue, as well as with hip, knee, disc and other physical difficulties.

In August 2019, I recommenced my psychology work, opening “Direen Health.”


  • Bachelor of Arts with Honours

  • Doctor of Psychology – Clinical

  • Registered Clinical Psychologist (AHPRA)

  • Member of the Australian Psychological Society

  • Member of APS College of Clinical Psychologists

  • Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (PITC Sydney)

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The Team


Hey, my name is Jemma.

I have been working in the admin industry for roughly 2 years and it's a great passion of mine. I'm friendly & outgoing and always here to lend a helping hand!

In my spare time I enjoy being with family & friends as well as my dog Nala.

I feel as though my love of helping people always reflects in my work and it's something that I'm very proud of!

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