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CFS Safety Net
Online Support Group

I understand accessing support and knowledge around CFS/ME can be difficult whether you have been recently diagnosed or believe you may be suffering without a formal diagnosis. Not everyone has access to one on one support or knows where to look for specific knowledge and ongoing professional advice. 

I want to provide a safe space for people to ask questions, build a community and get advice and understanding 24/7. 

This is a subscription based group jam packed with endless resources and support. 

The CFS Safety Net Support Group includes:

  • Live welcome call with Jane

  • Monthly live Q&As with Jane

  • Helpful resources including tip sheets, questionnaires, brochures and more

  • Live informational videos

  • Access to Jane, a clinical psychologist, for any questions and support within the Facebook group

  • Support from a community of like-minded people suffering from CFS/ME

  • VIP access to any offers from Direen Health

Join the CFS Safety Net Support Group now for just $69.45 per month by clicking the link below.

*Australian Residents Only*

Image by Anthony Tran

What You Will Receive 

Private Facebook Group 

Monthly Q & A

Templates & Resources 

Regular Video's and Visual Resources 

Support to your email 

Discussion Opportunities 

Pricing & Subscriptions

Month by Month 


Per Month 

3 Month 


(66.30 per month)

6 Month


(64.15 a month) 

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